Sacred and meaningful music production

Welcome to Black Sea Records - a place where you can come and do your creative work by the beautiful Black Sea coastline in Bulgaria, just 15 minutes away from Burgas airport.

Besides a high quality music record studio powered by Marshall, Yamaha, JBL, Rolland and Apple with a separate sound recording room we aim to provide a comfortable work and living conditions for our artists. In house suites right next door to the music studio are equipped with 2 separate bedrooms, 2 bathrooms one kitchen, lounge and Jacuzzi room with satellite TV, internet and even PlayStation for most exciting music recording experience far away from home the same time giving you stress-less comfort of home with all home amenities. 

Black Sea Records has been created and managed by musician himself Martins Ate who since five years old felled for the first time in love with music by attending piano classes.

Later the variety of instruments learned at the music school grow to xylophone, drums, guitar, electric guitar bass guitar and plenty of other less known and more national instruments of different nations from different parts of the globe collected during constant moving around and travelling so understanding different cultures which is so important while doing so important work in studio where we transform your precious imagination into peace of art accessible by everyone in non deviated state.

Except the word "black" in our name everything rest in white. We focus on recording reggae artists singing about god, love and harmony. We also encourage singers to try out something new in rhythms and record also religious music under sounds of reggae.

We believe in One Love and this record studio is to help same-minded talented people record and have their first steps into massive music industry.

Black Sea Records provides following services:

  • Music Recording
  • Music Production
  • Music Post-production
  • Artist Apart-hotel (animal friendly)



Come and record yourself in a studio! Book your recording time online or do it for some artist you know or just send us money and we will find someone to record a songs a bout god with!

Martins Ate

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