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Ganeshapur - passing knowledge to our kids and kids of their kid kids

Ganesha and his parents kingdom - Himalayas - highest, unconquered, purest and in all terms cleanest place on earth which due to the fact being the cold place is still untouched by the humans. But this purity of ancients is so desperately looking everyone of us realizing it or not. And by preserving this purity we can help people to realize the Truth and Highest Happiness.

The essence of the project is to nowadays build the monuments we are fancying to built thousands of years ago using same methods, architecture principles and and later also rituals performd in these temples. 

The project is divided in two parts - first when it brings benefit for visitors and afterwards also investors in this project and second part is when it brings a long term benefit for a local government where this eco-ashram is located.

Ganeshpur Location: We are accepting land offers for this project from private investors or local governments from following countries: Seri Lanka, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Burma, Vietnam, China, Malaysia.

Ganeshpur Architecture in total is special as it is made on the top of the hill with 9 ancient style temples and halfly digged under mountain shipping containers made into comfy even family homes with electricity generated from solar panels, water gained right there from the top of the mountain and everything made in order for energetically and ecologically clean life which brings us back to the nature.

Ganeshpur Temples are special. There is a Krishna temple on the West side of the mountain, Shiva temple in the very middle of it and Brahma Temple on the East. With temples for Ganesha, Durga, Laxmi, Rama, Hanuman, Saraswati. All temples are built using ancient building techniques so guarantee their preservance through the age to stand at least 500 years.

Ganeshpur Housing and Catering: There are in average 20 converted containers half digged under the land of the mountain so maintaing the average daily temperature constant during the whole year. Containers are furnished as a 2* hotels and have a bathroom and toilet. For families there are bigger sizes. Electricity is gained using solar pannels. Average distance between each container is about 100-150 meters. All surrounding are massive jungle park. There is a common dining room and conference room for all guests where daily programs are made, etc. In the middle of the mountain 

Ganeshpura Job Opportunities: Constantly village will be maintained by 9 Brahmans - one for each temple and about 50 maintainers - people who provide food and do the jobs necessary for independent food source living. cut trees, parks, and manages everything.

Ganeshpura Resort: By everything it's ment the rest of 150 houses which are rented out from 2 week to 1 year terms for people who wish to do some yogic experience, rituals and pure vegetarian ayurvedial food to keep back the lifeforce so easy to loose in current mainstream lifestyle.

Ganeshpura Live Rituals will be performed by professional brahmins who are brahmins for their will to help people by serving God. People will be able to donate for rituals to be performed in their behave and participate in them.

Ganeshpura Education: In Ganeshpura everybody can learn many arts depending on the time stayed however first principle is that art learned is strictly according to pupil's Dharma, can help fullfil his Artha, realizing Kama in it's all ways or just prepare himself for Moksha.

TOTAL estimated costs of the project: 7,500.000 $


Tourism based self sustainable long term investment availability in the self sustainable vedic eco-villages and temple building.

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